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Radio & TV

Today we can DVR our TV shows and skip the ads, we can use ad-free radio subscriptions, rent movies online for free. In other words, we don't have to watch "commercials" anymore. People are in "way to big of a hurry" so trying to send a message over Radio and TV are not as effective as it used to be. The days of the whole family being home in the early evening eating dinner and spending time around the TV are Long Gone. 

Red mailboxes all in a row.

Direct Mail Advertising.

Trying to Reach your Customer with Radio and TV means you would have to Saturate the airwaves with your message "Day And Night" and who can afford to be on Every Channel anyway? Today there are hundreds of different channels for us to choose from. Direct Mail goes directly to our Mailbox, and most of us only have one. People still enjoy receiving mail, and most of us "Get the mail" every day. We place you message directly in the hands of your customer. 

pennies and quarters

Pennys a day

Happy Valley Local provides Advertising in Happy Valley, Clackamas and surrounding areas. We have also found a way to combine both Print and Digital Advertising in Happy Valley that is very affordable. We provide a Full Page (8" X 11") Color page. We want to really tell your Customers what makes you different from your competition. The only Advertisers allowed in our Publication have to proven their main goal is Great Customer Service. 

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